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[SOLVED] Show real sender for shared "Sent Items" folder



I've configured RC to support shared folders (acl plugin together with dovecot) - which works perfectly.

But I'm searching for a way to display the real sender in the "fromto" for emails shown in a shared "Sent Items" folder, instead
of the user's email sharing this folder.

To clarify:

1) user@mail.com is sharing his Sent Items folder

2) other-user@mail.com subscribed to user@mail.com's shared Sent Items

3) Instead of the real sender other-user@mail.com always sees user@mail.com as sender for emails in the Sent Items folder

Can somebody please direct me in a way to solve this issue?

I'm glad to write a plugin - but I currently don't have a good starting point.

Ideally, the sender should only be adapted for subscriptions to shared "Sent Items" folders.

Thanks a lot.

Already found a solution after checking the plugin hooks.

I am using the messages_list hook for a custom plugin which works (surprise, suprise) as it should and I'm able
to change the sender accordingly.

Great, if something documented just works :)

In case you are interested here's the code:

--- Code: ---<?php

 * Displays actual sender for e-mails in shared Sent folder.
 * @author Matthias Kerstner
class show_actual_sender_for_shared_sent_folder extends rcube_plugin
public $task = 'mail';

    function init()
        $this->add_hook('messages_list', array($this, 'do_show_actual_sender_for_shared_sent_folder'));

    function do_show_actual_sender_for_shared_sent_folder($args)

foreach($args['messages'] as $msg) {   
  if(preg_match('#^shared\/[^\/]+\/Sent( Items)?$#', $msg->folder)) {
$msg->from = $msg->to;

        return $args;

--- End code ---


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