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Need help with Postfix/Dovecot
« on: July 08, 2021, 09:04:58 AM »
I have a Debian 9 server with Dovecot 2.2.27, Postfix 3.1.15, PHP 7.3.29 and mandb
Roundcube is in the www directory and in the check enviroment everything is green.
In the test config, IMAP works without problems but with SMTP I am desperate.
If I don't enter a password, the email is sent and I get an OK. But when I enter a password I get the following error message:
(Authentication failure: SMTP server does not support authentication (Code:))
I've already tried ssl: // and tls: //. with ssl I don't get a connection.

The connection works via Thunderbird

here the
here the

I edit the
$ config ['smtp_user'] = '% u'; and
$ config ['smtp_pass'] = '% p';
commented out. but then I get the following error when I want to write an email:
SMTP error (250): The authentication failed
or when I use tls: //
SMTP error (220): The authentication failed

(If you send the email to yourself, you can do this without a password. But if you enter another email as the recipient, you need enter a password)

The problem is Postfix.
So I tried to do the Postfix SMTP authentication via Dovecot with the following tutorial:



If I send an email to another email address via Thunderbird or an SMTP test tool,
He connects, but times out after a while.

Thanks in advance,
With best regards,
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