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Looking for help working out a few kinks


I've been using RC for several months now. I am very pleased with it but I have a short list of problems I'm not sure how to best resolve.

First, is threading. I recently upgraded from a 1.3.x version to 1.4.11. In the 1.3 version, threading worked pretty well and child emails to the OP were indented nicely and were in the proper order. However, with 1.4.11, I seem to have lost that. I still see the original post and all the children nested below it, but all the children emails are flat (they aren't indented). Even worse, they emails are not in chronological order anymore. I don't think I changed any settings but I'm not seeing any that would help me correct this problem.

Second, I have a few different email addresses. Often people will send me the same email to two or even three different email addresses. I see all the duplicates. This can probably be addressed on the postfix/dovecot side of things but I'm not too skilled with either and I'm afraid I will screw it up. I'm wondering if there is a plugin out there or maybe some advanced filter settings that I could employ to solve this problem.

Third, this is kind of related to threading. Sometimes threads will get split between different inboxes. For example, email #1 will come in and I'll respond to it with email #2. Then I'll move that thread to a different inbox. If the person sends me an email in response with email #3, it goes to my main inbox, divorced from the other earlier emails in the thread. I doubt there is an easy fix for this but thought I'd ask.

Maybe an upgrade to 1.5.x might help but I'm running debian Bullseye and I'd prefer not to mess with the stock package.

Thank you.


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