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How to default the Elastic theme to its "Light" variant in Roundcube 1.5.0

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Hi there,

Thanks a lot for the re-work on the Elastic theme to bring to life its "Dark" variant in Roundcube 1.5.0.

However, I've been trying make it default to its "Light" variant, unsuccessfully.

Is there a way to configure it to "Light" by default (although users will obviously able later to switch it to the "Dark" variant?


Is your desktop or browser environment set to dark mode? Roundcube will default to light mode unless your browser prefers dark mode.

Hi John, actually... yes, it is set to dark mode. Yet, I'd like, if possible, to still be able to default Elastic to "Light", without having to depend on the user's computer.

Is there any way of doing it?

Thank you  :)

You would need to create a custom skin to change that behaviour.

Thanks John, no problem with that, and at the same time it'd be great if I could get some orientation about what and how I'd need to tweak. Any ideas/advice? Thanks  :)


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