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Installer produces empty config file


With a fresh install of Roundcube, I use the web installer to configure and it gives me a blank config file.  (Image attached) does not exist in the /usr/share/roundcube directory, so I thought maybe this is a permissions problem, but that directory is 755 and owned by the web server.
The environment check gives an OK for everything that is required.
The database and tables exist and look like they are supposed to as far as I can tell.
I have tested the database user account successfully.

It has to be something stupid, right?  What am I missing?


--- Quote does not exist in the /usr/share/roundcube directory
--- End quote ---

So where is it? The file is shipped as part of the Roundcube paackage, in the config dir, and it is essential. The idea is that is controlled by the Roundcube devs while the file which the installer can create or can be created manually holds the instance specific settings, the things that override the defaults. If your file is missing then the installer will have no basis from which to generate a file.

How did you install Roundcube, did you download the package from or somewhere else? If you got it from somewhere else then you should contact the package maintainers for support.

Well, that's interesting.  This is the default apt package for Ubuntu 20.04.  I just purged it and installed again to make sure that I didn't screw something up.  Still no defaults.

I guess I will download and install manually.  Thanks!

Working fine after a manual install from tarball.  The apt package did not install a config directory at all.  Thanks again.


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