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Admin settings are absent when install Roundcube Version : 1.5.0 from Cpanel


Hi All,
IN CPANEL og my hosting provider I seen new version Version : 1.5.0 of Roundcibe. When I make a fresh installation the fields to fill admin name and password are absent. After installation as usually I see a link to login as admin or user. Due to no Admin name and password in pre-installation steps I don't have access to admin panel of Roundcube.

My hosting provider advised to raise it with Roundcube support.

Does somebody else have same issue when tried to install roundcube  via CPANEL of hosting provider? How to get access to admin panel if admin name and password weren't configured?
Who actually adding pre-installation  settings into Cpanel - Roundcube or hoster?


I'm not sure what "admin panel" your referring to since Roundcube doesn't have an admin panel or login. If I had to guess you're referring to something that is CPanel specific.

May be I said incorrectly.

Admin URL for Roundcube. In previous versions there was opportunity to add multiple domains to see emails from different resources, install plugings, to do integration/autorization - facebook, twitter, google


What your describing isn't part of Roundcube, I'm guessing it was something that was offered by the software install that was used in CPanel.


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