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Default signature issue.
« on: December 02, 2021, 07:01:15 PM »
So i'm trying to figure out how to set a default signature for all new users, I found that new_user_dialog.php could provide me a solutions.
Indeed I can set a default signature by modifying:
Code: [Select]
'signature'    => rcube_utils::get_input_value('_signature', rcube_utils::INPUT_POST),
Code: [Select]
'signature'    => rcube_utils::parse_input_value('Signature here', rcube_utils::INPUT_POST),

But the problem i'm facing is that I want to use a html signature but when I try to parse HTML code it get's converted to normal text.
I've tried:
Code: [Select]
'html_signature'    => rcube_utils::parse_input_value('<html>HTML Signature</html>', rcube_utils::INPUT_POST),
Which doesn't work (not sure if it's supposed to).

Hopefully someone can help me out since I'm pretty much stuck here.
Thanks in advance.