Author Topic: Upgrading Roundcube Host storage from NFSv3 to NFSv4, unsuccessfully.  (Read 561 times)

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Hello fellow Roundcube users,

This past couple weeks I've been trying to upgrade a Roundcube setup. The system is mostly composed of a Web server to host the Site, the mail storage which is currently a Synology NFS device, and authentication against the postfix/dovecot server.
I've got a 1:1 clone of the system on separate equipment (test lab) which I'm using to document the process before taking it to the production system.

The task is to migrate the mail storage away from this nfs synology which is stuck at NFSv3, and into a new machine on NFSv4 (with more space as well)

I've managed to clone the storage data between the two storage devices. I've mounted the new nfs mount on every part of the system and can pull up the login page for roundcube on the web server.
(It was a lot of testing and research to get this far, as the most recent hurdle was getting past "database connection failed" in order to even see the login prompt, NFS3 and NFS4 are a bit different)

Current issue is, when I put in my username and password at the roundcube login screen, the server sits thinking for a minute before displaying the error:
"invalid request! No data was saved."

Previously I'd head into the logs to find out what to fix next, but I can't find any logs pointing me to the cause of this issue even after turning on debugging for roundcube.

Where would I look to find information on what is throwing this error and what process is failing?
If it would help to provide config file contents, I'm not sure which to include at this point from the mounting options to roundcube configs etc, but I certainly can.

Thank you
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