Author Topic: Keycloak and Roundcube problem  (Read 475 times)

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Keycloak and Roundcube problem
« on: June 02, 2022, 05:02:02 PM »
I have a keycloak runing in a vm on esxi =>
I have another vm with postfix dovecot ans roundcube

The roundcube mail server works fine
The keycloak works fine (with nextcloud ans grafana)

But I would like to connect roundcube on the keycloak
I have follow a howto and it's almost working...

When selecting the "connecting with keycloak" button on roundcube page I get the keycloak login page.
The keycloak login works (If I check with grafana and nextcloud it works)
But after the keycloak successfull auth I arrive on a "ugly round cube page"  (page with text only...)
And it is not connected...

I try to watch at mail.log dovecot.log or roundcube.log but I don't see any error message

Any idee to go further?


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Re: Keycloak and Roundcube problem
« Reply #1 on: June 23, 2022, 04:14:24 PM »
Still trying to make it works...
I strat from a fresh unbuntu 22.04 install
add postfix / dovecot / roundcube
Configure roundcube to log in using a openldap
=> everything to this point work fine (with ssl or without)

then I add a client in keycloak called "roundcube"
 - with URL pointing to ""
 - with protocol openid-connect
 - with access type to confidential
 - and default for other option

I get  the secret from keycloak to put in the from roundcube conf with other set to :
$config['oauth_provider'] = 'generic';
$config['oauth_provider_name'] = 'Keycloak mydomain';
$config['oauth_client_id'] = "roundcube";
$config['oauth_client_secret'] = "secret from keycloak";
$config['oauth_auth_uri'] = "";
$config['oauth_token_uri'] = "";
$config['oauth_identity_uri'] = "";
$config['oauth_verify_peer'] = true;
$config['oauth_scope'] = "email profile openid";
$config['oauth_auth_parameters'] = [];
$config['oauth_identity_fields'] = ['preferred_username'];
$config['oauth_login_redirect'] = false;
$config['login_password_maxlen'] = 4096;

and that's all...

Did I miss something ?

In keycloak log I can see the "LOGIN" request working
I can see the answer of login going from keycloak to roundcube.
But I did not see the "CODE_TO_TOKEN" stage in keycloak...

What is supose toi do roundcube when receiving an url from keycloak like this ?

I thought roundcube will continue the protocol with keycloak to get the Token ?

any idea to debug will be appreciated (even if you don't have the solution :-) ) because i don't have any idea to continue further without any error log ...

PS : I also configure dovecot oauth connexion but I think dovecot did not receive anything (tcpdump on imaps port does not see any trafic) so the problem is between roundcube and keycloak...
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