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Global Address Book plugin 2.0.2 doesn't load Global contact list in Compose wnd



I have just installed globaladdressbook 2.0.2 plugin in /var/lib/roundcube/globaladdressbook .
I have successfully imported the CSV list of our organisation's contacts from Contacts->Import to "ALU Kontakti" list.

However, in the Compose window, Roundcube expands only the "Personal Addresses" group, but not the "ALU Kontakti" list, even when it is displayed under the "Contacts" window.

This is what I get in the log for 1. Personal Adresses and 2. For Global Contacts

--- Code: ---- -  14/Jun/2022:16:00:41 +0200 "GET /webmail/index.php?_task=mail&_action=list-contacts&_source=0&_page=1&_remote=1&_unlock=loading1655215241096&_=1655215105925" 200 /var/lib/roundcube/index.php 6.089 2048 0.00%
- -  14/Jun/2022:16:00:47 +0200 "GET /webmail/index.php?_task=mail&_action=list-contacts&_source=global&_page=1&_remote=1&_unlock=loading1655215247510&_=1655215105926" 200 /var/lib/roundcube/index.php 6.494 2048 153.99%

--- End code ---

I am not very familiar with RoundCube, but I made the autocomplete plugin work with addresses from "Personal Addresses" addr book, but not with the "global" addr book.

Any help would be welcome, or the globaladdressbook plugin is of no use, for I cannot either autocomplete or select an address from the global Contact list "ALU Kontakti".  :o

Thank you.


I have succeeded in the meantime.  8)

Apparently, the problem was in the format of the CSV file to import. Though it is not explicitly documented,

--- Code: ---"Display Name","E-mail Address"
"Firstname Middlename Lastname",""

--- End code ---
All double quotes and the first header line are mandatory, or the import will fail without an error message or warning, ignoring the wrong data.
The names were in the database, but not the email addresses.

Hope this will help someone.




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