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No autoresponder option in my Roundcube


I am using RoundCube for access to webmail from my ISP and have been trying to set up an autoresponse with an html message and signature.

I have watched several videos on how to set this up and they are all very similar and start by using a pull down menu from my logged in address.  My problem is that this does not work for me.  There is no dropdown and no icon in left hand column of roundcube window.  I would like to ask why is this?  Is it because my ISP has not installed a plugin or is it because I am the client?

There are a couple of replies to my queries which suggest an option using filters which works after a fashion but there is no option for html that I can see.  Am I missing something here.

Any help and information would be much appreciated.

Roundcube doesn't have any auto responder UI by default so your most likely looking at documentation for another provider or a plugin. I would suggest reaching out to your ISP to see where you can setup an auto responder.


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