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password plugin (dovecot_passwdfile)

Started by d4n13lus, May 17, 2023, 08:19:10 AM

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Hi everyone!

I am setting up a mail server with postfix+dovecot+roundcube

everything related to the mail server and roundcube webmail access is working fine, but i have a problem when i try to change a password via password plugin

i am using virtual mailboxes configured in the file /etc/dovecot/users with CRAM-MD5 encryption for the password

and i am trying to setup de password plugin for this configuration but, when a user change his password, the new chain is added to the file WITHOUT delete the old one.

for example, this is my initial /etc/dovecot/users file (i have only one test user):{CRAM-MD5}e050ed89961367fe7b4519cc90e01e334787219973220dd606ff23d54b83c47e

i can log into the webmail and access to the "change password" option, and when i apply the changes in it, the "/etc/dovecot/users" file is changed to this:{CRAM-MD5}{CRAM-MD5}e050ed89961367fe7b4519cc90e01e334787219973220dd606ff23d54b83c47e

its like the plugin cant replace or delete the previous content...

no errors in the logs files

any idea of how can i solve it?
many thanks!



I don't think I can solve your problem, but I have a related problem to this. My problem is that nothing gets inserted in place of the old password hash. See attached PNG.

Since you at least are getting text replaced, I am curious on what permissions you have set for the Dovecot user file?

Kind regards


i put on it "-rwxrwxrwx" for testing

i attach some files from the password plugin if you want to check it

In the end I have chosen to configure with mySQL and everything is working correctly now :)

I have come to the conclusion that the "dovecot_passwdfile" mode has some kind of bug, also I have not found practically any other case of someone to whom the same thing has happened.

The site I used as a guide was: