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Any keyboard shortcut plugin working in Roundcube 1.6.1?


None of the "keyboard_shortcuts" plugins (see work anymore after updating to Roundcube 1.6.1.
Other plugins are fine - but if I activate this one, Roundcube doesn't load anymore.
I had last used

EDIT: doesn't break Roundcube, but doesn't really work either, e.g. it does not have a "mark as read" shortcut and the whole setting page looks weird...

Curious if you have found a way out of this ? It definitely makes user experience much worse.

I'm considering setting up Roundcube; it looks great so far.

I looked through all the forks and found that this one seems to have been updated:

Anyone already down this road with a solution?

I'll try that one as soon as I can get a test going.


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