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Author Topic: Due to the removal of Horde from Cpanel - Can we have a "search filter" feature?  (Read 107 times)

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RoundCube Development,

I love RoundCube, obviously much nicer looking and works great, however it doesn't have a feature that
the Webmail App Horde offers, and I make heavy use of it, as do several of my customers.

You can create and save a 'search filter' and/or 'virtual folders' where you can select various criteria,
 to search in the available email fields, from, to, subject, body, etc..etc..  and once you create and save
the criteria, give it a name, it will save those for future use.

Then if you select that Search Criteria, it will then filter/limit what is available to view in the mailbox.

At that point it is easier to locate specific emails, individually select,  or possibly select all and move, archive, delete, etc..etc...

Please advise if this is already been requested, something similar and any hopes of this happening?

thank you! :o