Author Topic: Personal domain Roundcube Email appearing in junk folders due to no authenticity  (Read 3545 times)

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Hi all

Was working on a website that uses Roundcube and created some emails under that domain name. As a test, I decided to send a few emails to my personal emails on Yahoo and GMail to see how it was; for the former it would either appear in a spam or just the inbox, which seemed "normal". The latter, however, would always have this lovely warning message attached to it

"Be careful with this message. The sender hasn't authenticated this message so Gmail can't verify that it actually came from them."

When I did my research, apparently it may have been due to incorrectly set DKIM/SPF records, but when I checked, everything seemed fine and matched what was on the Zone Editor, there were no red ticks or major warnings whatsoever.

Right now, I am just out of options, I don't understand where the problem is coming from but it's just so annoying having to send something and having this message pop up, it just makes my email look unprofessional.

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If you try this what does the report say?

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I have been experiencing the same problem and it's affecting my business.  I'm not a techie so I have no idea how to fix settings for DKIM/SPF.  Can someone help me with this problem?  Thank you!