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Container names Elastic Skin

Started by blackbird9223, April 16, 2023, 02:37:24 PM

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I hope this is the right place to ask, I just started working on my first plugin and I am struggling with the container names.

When I add something to the 'toolbar' container with rcmail.add_element(button, 'toolbar'); nothing shows up.

Checking the source code of the Elastic skin I realized that for example the mail-menu.html creates a toolbar container referring to an element with the id 'mailtoolbar'.
<roundcube:container name="toolbar" id="mailtoolbar" />
If I open up Roundcube in my browser there is no 'mailtoolbar' element, the menu is called 'toolbar-menu'.

So changing the container names to 'toolbar-menu' like this
<roundcube:container name="toolbar" id="toolbar-menu" />
makes the button appear. Also the workaround with jQuery appendTo('#toolbar-menu') works.

So I am wondering are the container names wrong in the skin template or am I using them the wrong way!?