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Filter email by address book(s)

Started by Francewhoa, June 16, 2023, 05:38:16 PM

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Hi all Roundcube enthusiasms :)

Is Roundcube able to filter incoming email by using its address book(s)? For example, on incoming email, if the sender (from) is not in any Roundcube internal selected address books, then the email is automatically moved to the Junk/Spam folder   

We searched Roundcube version 1.6.1 but found not built-in way to do this   

To clarify our question, find the attached screenshot. Which shows how Thunderbird 102.12.0 does this.   

If somehow Roundcube is not presently able to do this, then this is our new feature request. If needed, both me and the team would be happy to contribute beta testing and documentation for this new feature. Any volunteer for a patch?
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Francewhoa (Francois Carpentier)

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That isn't really possible in Roundcube because Roundcube is a web mail client it only runs when a user has the web page loaded it can't easily filter mail as it comes in. What would really need to be done is a plugin that would sync the address book to the filtering system that is used by the mail server and since there are many possible options and no standards around mail filtering its not something that would be included in the core.