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Folders that keep appearing in Outlook


I've been having an ongoing battle with folders appearing in Outlook even though I move them, delete them, remove them from IMAP etc ...

The folders I'm having problems with don't appear on Roundcube (but those that I use are easily seen) so i always thought it was some sort of corrupted link or file at my end - even though I have reinstalled the email account a few times.

However I'm wondering if Roundcube might keep some folders that might be hidden in some way? Maybe ones that were deleted a while ago but are still around somewhere?

Is that possible - and if so, how would I find them?



UPDATE: I think some of them are in Archive - but I can't delete them there because I get the message "Server error: DELETE Invalid mailbox name: Begins with hierarchy separator"

may be some difference in folder path separator. For example it can be Inbox.myafoler1.myfolder2 or inbox/myfolder/myfolder2

Can you check your imap server config ?


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