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shared folder visualization

Started by dieter42, September 13, 2023, 05:30:52 AM

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I managed to get shared folder up and running with dovecot / roundcube.
Works out of the box, compliments to the designer!

Just to make sure i haven't overlooked something, here a few observations:

- localization
  - within the root owner account the original email folder names are translated (in this case to german), e.g. "Gesendet"
  - the shared folder names are not translated, e.g. "Sent Messages"
- icons
  - within the root owner account the original email folder are decorated with meaningfull different icons
  - the shared folder are decorated all with the same folder icon
- sort order
  - within the root owner account the folder are sorted different compared to the shared folder, even considering the not applied localization

Are there any settings i missed, to influence above behaviour?
Thanks in advance!


Minor update:
I'm far away from knowing php language, but it looks like function "render_folder_tree_html" is lacking localization functionality for shared folder.
Nor sure on whether this is a common use case and whether there's a chance to get it in within some future roundcube releases...