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Roundcube and HMail


Ok, I got Roundcube up and running at least as far as the Installer.

Now I am trying to get it to work with HMail.

My HMail server works for sending email from outlook or windows mail, but I have folk who aren't comfortable setting up the apps on their phones so I thought Roundcube would be good.

It's all on a single Windows server. When I use the testing set up on the Roundcube Webmail Installer it fails on the sending and receiving email.  But it does work from my computer's application.  Any suggestions?

you must setup server settings in your Roundcube config

I understand that (seriously - your comment isn't at all helpful). The issue is that the settings are all correct except for one mime one that I am not worried about.

So you can see...

Check config file
defaults.inc.php:  OK
config.inc.php:  OK
OK, lazy people can download the updated config file here: config.inc.php 

Check if directories are writable
Roundcube may need to write/save files into these directories

C:\inetpub\wwwroot\webmail/temp/:  OK
C:\inetpub\wwwroot\webmail/logs/:  OK

Check DB config
DSN (write):  OK
DB Schema:  OK
DB Write:  OK
DB Time:  OK

Test filetype detection
Fileinfo/mime_content_type configuration:  OK
Mimetype to file extension mapping:  NOT OK
Please set a valid path to your webserver's mime.types file to the mime_types config option.
If you can't find such a file, download it from svn.apache.org.

The only issue is when you go to test the settings both of them come back with does not ok for both IMAP and SMTP.

BUT when I use a regular email client, the mail server works fine.

Need more information.
You check config.inc.php ?
You can see here your server imap and smtp settings ? Its correct? same as in your regular client?


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