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List columns can't be dragged into another order as they used to be

Started by Niro, January 22, 2024, 04:58:33 PM

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Hi, can you please bring back the ability to drag the list columns into a different order, other than the new "default" order of Subject, from, to and date.  After my domain hosting company advised that the new version of Roundcube does not allow one to place the columns into a different order (last week that company completely deleted my account - by accident while we were trying to switch the contact information-  and had to reload all of my emails into a new version - according to them- of Roundcube).   It's very difficult to quickly scan my emails when the subject column is on the opposite side of the page from the date sent  and from columns.
Thank you, Nina


That sounds frustrating. I've had a similar experience with a different email client, and I agree that being able to customize column order can really improve efficiency. Have you considered reaching out directly to Roundcube's support team with this feedback? They might be able to address your concerns or consider adding this feature back in a future update.