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alternate HELO

Started by uzairtasneem, January 29, 2024, 07:05:02 PM

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The issue I am facing is that all emails that I am sending are returned with error 550 5.7.1 [ESA] Sender blocked. Upon checking email deliverability via cpanel I see an alternate mail HELO with the problem in reverse dns part stated as The system uses an alternate HELO of "xyz" when sending mail from the "my" domain.
The system sends the domain "xyz" in the SMTP handshake for this domain's email. (which resolves to a different ip address)
I would appreciate if anyone can help fix this problem or if someone could tell that if there is an unauthorized access to my emails. Thank you in advance.


Not clearly understand, but If i correct understand you - you can't pass reverse DNS check.
In this case you must ask your internet provider (who give IP for your mail server) to change Reverse DNS zone and make Reverse zone record with your IP and you correct domain name.

May be you can post here your domain name or screenshots your mail checking.


you can set the SMTP HELO host in the Roudcube config:

// SMTP HELO host
// Hostname to give to the remote server for SMTP 'HELO' or 'EHLO' messages
// Leave this blank and you will get the server variable 'server_name' or
// localhost if that isn't defined.
$config['smtp_helo_host'] = '';
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