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Weird issue with webmail

Started by SEOSiteOne, February 27, 2024, 06:50:14 AM

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Hi, I've got a weird webmail issue.

Logging into webmail it is asking for username and password, after entering this it says successful but the page goes straight to roundcube page and asking again for username and password and now, with the same credentials, the page says "login failed".

I've tried it also with different browsers, same result.

I've tried it with deleting the email account and creating it new, same result.

The other email accounts have not this issue, just the one email account.

Question? How can I deactivate the opening of the roundcube straight away? Obviously I can't deactivate the "Open my inbox when I log in" when clicking on the account because it doesn't allow me to. Secondly, why does it say successful and then login failed, but the credentials are correct and also the email software have the same credentials and works, just not the login to webmail for this one account.

Normally if you click on an account webmail/jupiter/ is opening and you can click on the roundcube to open the mail account inbox.

With all other accounts it works fine, just one account, if you click on the account for "check mail" this one account goes directly to roundcube and says "login failed" doesn't matter what credentials I try, nothing works and I can't login to webmail.

Thanks for any help


Based on what you've said here your problem is with cPanel not Roundcube. I would recommend reaching out to your hosting provider for them to look into the issue.