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"The message part is too big to process it. [Download]"

Started by Eckardt, June 04, 2024, 05:46:18 PM

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Hi there,

I have a strange "bug", that a customer can't open a single email with the message
"The message part is too big to process it. [Download]".

I installed many Roundcube instances, so it's not new for me. In this case, also, the newest 1.6.7 version. PHP 8.2, nginx (fpm) with good memory, post and upload limits.

But if I remove in the file:
this one:

It works on client side again:

Someone has an idea why?
Database -> up to date
Debian 12, PHP-FPM 8.2, nginx + rules -> OK (memory_limit: 128M, upload: 4G, post_max: 6G)
In config: 150M as max. message size
Dovecot/Postfix: Same config like all other servers where it works - if I connect directly to mail servers I see all email messages without problems (for example Thunderbird)
Encoding is also set well...

Thanks and best regards!