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Please assist with roundcube incoming and outgoing email settings

Started by winerouteservices, June 26, 2024, 04:02:47 PM

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Good evening everybody.

I tried to create my email account in windows 10 email app. I entered the email address as username and entered the password. Windows then automatically searched for the incoming and outgoing mail settings.

When I log into roundcube email in my web browser, the user and password works, but not in the email app.

Whenever I try to retrieve my emails, it is asking for the password again, and doesn't retrieve any emails.

When I look at the settings the sync options are as follows....
Incoming email server :
outgoing (SMTP) email server :

Could someone please assist with this.


You should contact your email provider and ask them for the mail server connection details.


Good evening Skaero

Thank you for your response.

Are you referring to my domain host?


Whoever you pay or gives you to access Roundcube.

Roundcube is a webmail client that connects to a mail server. When you're connecting your email account from a desktop client the desktop mail client is connecting directly to the mail server not to Roundcube. That is why you need the mail server information and not anything from Roundcube.