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Greyed out text area..or something.
« on: August 17, 2006, 04:20:06 AM »
Okay, I have a request for a little bit of code.

First off, whenever you're viewing the login page of roundcube, you have your username/password boxes.

I would like to put my domain name off to the right of the username box. That way my users will know that they ONLY have to enter their username, and not their full email address.

So basically...they'll have the username text box where they enter their username. Right to the right of the text box, I either want just plain text that says "", or...I want it to be in one of those greyed out text boxes that says "".

What code would I use to make either of these, and where would I put it?

Thanks for your help. So far, I love this software. :)

EDIT: Oops, I think I posted this in the wrong section. Please use my thread that I re-posted at the following link: