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My error:


Error No. 1f4)

My error log:

[19-Aug-2006 09:40:07 -0400] DB Error: DB Error: connect failed in /home/riponcom/public_html/mail/program/include/ on line 105
[19-Aug-2006 09:43:48 -0400] DB Error: DB Error: connect failed in /home/riponcom/public_html/mail/program/include/ on line 105
[19-Aug-2006 09:52:36 -0400] DB Error: DB Error: connect failed in /home/riponcom/public_html/mail/program/include/ on line 105

I have read previous topics on the same issue, however, I was unable to find any typos in my documents.

I haven't yet gone through the 'installation process' because I can't get to the index file. I have CDMODed the 'mysql.initial' to execute. I've used cpanel to create the databases/username. They have named them as 'riponcom_roundcube' (database) and 'riponcom_cube' (username). Where as I named them originally as 'roundcube' (database) and 'cube' (username). I have replaced these as the paths but the programme still fails to work.

PHP version    4.4.2
MySQL version    4.1.21-standard


in Cpanel did you add the users to the database??

Yes. Mistake?

no thats fine. I noticed ure using ure domain as a databse if im not mistaken. Try changing the databases name if poss to somethin withnout dots. :P

"Database Configuration ¶
First thing we need to do is decide what database backend we'll use. The most common is mySQL but others are PostgreSQL and SQLite. So once you decide, think about the username and password you want to use, as well as a name for a database to use. Once you've decided that, write it out like this:


An example would be "mysql://". Now, take that and in the "" file find the line that starts with: $rcmail_config['db_dsnw'] and replace the string that is currently there with the one we've come up with. Save that file as "" (note that we dropped the "dist" off the name). "

I'll remove the domain.

Edit: I changed the '' parts to 'localhost' and it makes no difference.


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