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MVISION v2.1 New Release - Internet Explorer 8 Update

Three Pane Liquid Layout with Horizontal or Vertical support in all A-Grade browsers including Internet Explorer 8

    * Three Pane Liquid Layout
    * Fully supports Horizontal and Vertical layout views
    * Additional configuration for either Horizontal or Vertical layout
    * End user support for dynamically switching between Horizontal and Vertical layouts
    * Friendly looking theme with nice graphics

Supported Browsers

    * Internet Explorer 6 (horizontal / vertical)
    * Internet Explorer 7 (horizontal / vertical)
    * Internet Explorer 8 (horizontal / vertical)
    * Firefox 2 (horizontal / vertical)
    * Firefox 3 (horizontal / vertical)
    * Safari (horizontal / vertical)
    * Opera (horizontal / vertical)

See for screenshots


    * A working installation of RoundCube WebMail
    * You should upgrade to the latest version of RoundCube WebMail due to a security vulnerability found in older versions. Older versions are however supported; the latest version at the time of writing this article is roundcubemail-0.2-stable.tar.gz which is fully supported by this theme.

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New File Added: MVISION v2.1 New Release - Internet Explorer 8 Update
« Reply #1 on: January 24, 2009, 10:06:28 AM »
Installing from command line
Code: [Select]
cd skins
tar -zxf mvision2.1.tar.gz
vi ../config/
# make configuration file changes as directed below

Installing via FTP
Code: [Select]
Go to the "skins" directory in the RoundCube base path
Unzip the "" file
Return back to the RoundCube base path
Go to the "config" directory and edit the "" file as directed below

Configuration file changes (
Code: [Select]
  1) $rcmail_config['skin'] = 'mvision2_en';
   2) $rcmail_config['list_cols'] = array('subject', 'from', 'date', 'attachment'); // remove "size" and "flag" (flag will still appear however)
   3) $rcmail_config['preview_pane'] = TRUE;
   4) Additional configuration line required; $rcmail_config['preview_pane_vertical'] = TRUE;

For Users with Microsoft Script Debugger
When changing between "Vertical" and "Horizontal" users will see an error message.
To correct this, alter file program/js/common.js to reflect changes below:
Code: [Select]
The original code would of appeared like:
Code: [Select]
You need to add >0 to the if(w) and if(h) lines

Good luck! :)
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New File Added: MVISION v2.1 New Release - Internet Explorer 8 Update
« Reply #2 on: July 28, 2009, 03:22:13 AM »
Useful infomation, thanks so much for sharing.