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Default Folder Prefix
« on: August 21, 2006, 10:59:32 AM »
This is one extra variable that Squirrelmail has that I would like to see in Roundcube. Because I am terrible at explaining things, I'll use some examples from Squirrelmail to get my point across. Some IMAP Servers store their directories like this:


Rather than like this:


In squirrelmail their is a variable called $default_folder_prefix wherein I can specify "INBOX/" so that when it wants to know where my other folders are such as Trash, I can simply specify $trash_folder = "Trash" rather than $rcmail_config['trash_mbox'] = 'INBOX/Trash';. This is a minor annoyance that yes I could fix myself by adding something like
Code: [Select]
$folder_prefix = 'INBOX/';
$rcmail_config['trash_mbox'] = $folder_prefix . 'INBOX/Trash';

But as the number of users of Roundcube grows, this could change from a minor inconvenience to some to an annoyance to users of certain mail servers. Please let me know if this is unreasonable and thanks for making such a great webmail appliance. It's already so nice in beta, I can't wait for what the future holds. :)