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captcha / no spam
« on: February 06, 2009, 04:21:15 PM »
The captcha images and nospam settings on this forum are nearly unusable. I haven't tried to search as a registered user yet, but before searching this forum was nearly impossible between the images and the random questions. After 3 or 4  tries to search I just gave up. I don't understand the purpose of the captcha and nospam features (disasters?) just for searching, seems like a pointless hassle for people seeking information. Can anyone really spam this forum through the search feature??

Some of the no-spam questions and answers that failed:

Q. What kind of software is roundcube?
A. email
Wrong. Webmail maybe? or maybe webapp? maybe a php program? This a question with many answers. Click your back button and try again.

Q. What platform was roundcube developed on?
A. Uh, no idea, let me go search google, check out the sourceforge page or take a guess and hope I'm right this time so I don't have to click my back button and try to translate another captcha image.