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Login failed (University of Washington IMAPd)
« on: August 23, 2006, 08:14:39 AM »
Hi there:

I just installed RoundCube on my mail server - that was easy. But when I try to login, I get the message "Login failed". Yes, the password was correct (I verified it using another imap client) and the server is running.

I'm using the "default" University of Washington imapd (IMAP4rev1) that came with the Linux distribution. Here's the error log:

Aug 23 13:54:51 xxx imapd[1520]: imap service init
Aug 23 13:55:48 xxx imapd[1529]: Command stream end of file, while reading line user=imap_xxx host=xxx []

Maybe someone can give me a hint? :)

Best Regards,