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I'm sure that a large percent of the users of bleeding edge stuff like RoundCube are probably using Firefox and I am aware that Firefox (attempts) to block right click menus... but I have some javascript (somewhere) that "circumvents" it... that is to say it traps the event and acts on it before it bubbles up for firefox to even try to stop it.

I was hoping to see some features like "Mark as Read" and other things like that. Also, the ability to check OTHER pop3 email clients would be a HUGE benefit. That paired with FULL-AJAX would be really neat-o. When I say "FULL-AJAX", I mean no page-reloads when opening an email or opening preferences. (In my opinion the preference panels should simply be popup ajax boxes).

Anyways, I'm using the latest beta and hope to see more progress being made. :) edit: rich text editing (ala gmail?) would be cool as well! I'm just full of demands. Honestly though, I wish I had the patience to develop something like this... but I don't ... so I suggest :(

Thanks guys!