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Still Sort Problem
« on: August 28, 2006, 01:59:13 PM »
Hi there !!

I just tried beta2 and discover that I still get the same problem...
In the messages list, mails are sorted by "date", newer first, but when I click on the fourth msg for example, I often occurs that it will appears as third only in message view... (meaning messages 3 and 4 being switched)

It's quite anoying, because when clicking on the oldest unread message, and browsing to the first one (going through all others), some mails will not be seen... And I'll need to click on list again to show theses one.

I think I discover the problem, but I'm not sure :
- In the messages list, mails are sorted by "date",
- In message view, mail are sorted by UID, which are often different order due to spam analysing taking sometimes more time for one message than another one...

Does someone know where I should change this ???