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Problems with email structure
« on: August 28, 2006, 06:56:13 PM »
I've been folliowing the project for a while and now RCM seems to be of Betaish standards, have been offering it to users of my online BBS-with-knobs (and soon to be OS project) have approx 200 email users haging off the back, a number of which didn't like squirrelmail (myself included)).
The basic functionality seems to be fine now as far as usability goes - but we're still having problems parsing certain emails. What would be useful for me is firstly a 'forward as attachment' function and secondly an email address we could send 'emails that didn't display correctly to).
Currently I have emails from ebay that don't display at all, emails from a related BBS that 're-skin' the whole client when viewed, my local comedy club mail-shots don't have functioning links etc.
I know the major problem with bug-fixing is reproducing the reported bug - maybe 'forward as attachment' and a centralized corrupted email box might enable swifter resolution of these issues.

Now I've had my complaint, may I just thank the developers for a wonderful piece of code. If there's a need for my help or cash (beer isn't free) please shout.