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How do I take advantage of unlimited users?

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Hi there,

I am setting up an integration with phpBB and would like to have users register in phpBB and get The features list says that I can have "unlimited users", which I assume makes use of a catch-all email address from the hosting provider, but I'm unclear how that would work. If I use a query to tap into the phpBB database and get the username and tack on the domain, is that enough???

What I don't want is to have to manually create email accounts for each user, which is what we will need to do if the catch-all thing doesn't work

Thanks in advance,


RoundCube assumes the existance of an email account on the server.

What you need is a control panel hack at your webhost to communicate with phpbb and create email accounts.

Never mind. Answered my own question. The "unlimited" part is that you can have as many users in the mySQL database, but you're still limited by what your ISP provides, i.e. no catch-all use.

Would be a great feature. I saw it as part of Hivemail, but I can't seem to get a hold of the people who wrote Hivemail to see if they are still in business.

So any experts out there who can tell me how, using Roundcube, one might implement the use of a catch-all email address? Seems like you could write a script that hits the IMAP server, looks at all the emails in the catch-all and moves them into "sub-inboxes" which users see as their inbox.

One could probably write a script that did this for any webmail client, kind of as a "plug-in", only one that works from the shell/cron level.

Not sure what that would entail in terms of server utilization, but it seems doable. Just don't have time to do it myself :-\



Yeah, I'm noticing that, but the issue is my hosting provider doesn't use cpanel and actually has code in place to ensure that a real human is logging into their interface. No scripts allowed!

I'm going to try to find an email server that does allow scripts, or uses cpanel. Then I'll just point my mail there. Would have been nice to do it with one hosting provider, but it looks like that's not going to work.

Once I have the mailhost figured out, I'm going to use tuney's script for doing exactly what you mentioned. It's in the plugins section of this forum.



--- Quote ---So any experts out there who can tell me how, using Roundcube, one might implement the use of a catch-all email address?
--- End quote ---
It's not done through Roundcube. THat's something done with manipulation of the email server in the administration section.


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