Author Topic: Messages multiplied in Trash Folder  (Read 1853 times)

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Messages multiplied in Trash Folder
« on: May 13, 2009, 05:49:05 AM »
Hi !

I have upgraded to 0.2.1 from 0.2-stable. I haven't notice this behavior on the previous version but I might have missed it.

So. If I have one or more messages in my Trash folder, every 2 minutes another instance of every message just shows up. This doesn't happen in other folders. Just in Trash. I tried it both with Chrome and IE. The same. Moreover, IE becomes the active window every time this happens.
If I refresh/reset the folder view then I can see the correct number of messages.
I am using hmailserver 5.1.1 with mysql as db.

Any idea on how to solve this would be appreciated.

Thank you.