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imap_init hook and fetch_headers
« on: September 04, 2009, 04:13:58 PM »
Hello there,

I would like to ask a simple question, but i am not able to find out any solution.

I want to fetch additional headers about message, so I ve added that header as return value from this hook in this way

class myplugin extends rcube_plugin

$this->add_hook('imap_init', array($this'imap_init'));

$rcmail rcmail::get_instance();
$p['fetch_headers'] = trim($p['fetch_headers'].' ' strtoupper('X-Virus-Scanned'));

so after i need use hook message_headers_output i am able to use new header Recieved, but here is my problem.. If in the message headers are two X-Virus-Scanned headers i'll get only one of them in this way, is any chance to get all X-Virus-Scanned headers?

thanks for reply