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i want to ask which iconset comes with roundcube? some icons looks like tango icons.
i ask, because i want to do a new iconset for roundcube. i already have an iconset done for myself,
but i don't know if the icons are "free" for community-use. and now i'm working on a tango-icon-theme
which looks a little bit different from the original iconset. if you're interest in this icons theme, i could
upload it until friday with an preview image.



Download: tango-iconset for 0.1-beta2

yeah, it would be nice to have your theme here :)

I've also been working on a Tango icon set for RoundCube. Since Tango doesn't have all the needed icons I've used some from the Tango icon set for Thunderbird. I haven't heard back from the author about the licence though. The Tango icons are distributed under the Creative Commons Share Alike licence IIRC. RoundCube is GPL, so I guess the graphics are as well?

ipfreaks: What icons did you use except the standard Tango icons?



yes, the tango icons are under the cc-license as i know. i meant my other iconset which i've done for myself only. there i used icons i found on the net somewhere :/ for the tango iconset i used the official tango icons i found. as you say, some icons are missing and i consider which icons i should use instead... maybe i use adequate icons instead...


this is how the icons look like in the "main window"

these are the icons in the addressbook:

and if you write a new mail it looks like this:

and this is the sidebar:

the buttons (1. replied mail; 2. unread mail; 3. read mail):

not perfect... i miss some tango icons which match correct... :(

comments are welcome ;)



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