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I have come to the conclusion that all shared web hosting sucks. It just does. But I was wondering if anyone here knew of web hosts that they have or have had that they think suck less than any other hosts. Basically I want a fast host, ability to change PHP and Apache mod_security config options through a .htaccess file, and a storage and bandwidth limit >1.5Gb. If you know of such a web host, please post it here. I chose to post this here because those web host sales hacks don't hang out here. Thanks!

This is no place to advertise for Internet providers. PM'me if you are intersted in my recommendations.

Hi what about HostGator ?

If anyone could post some of the best web hosting service provider companies..i will be pretty much grateful..well i've been looking for some but got really really confused so i was thinking that if you guys could be of any help...

if you have no problem with german, then you can try http://uberspace.de


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