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I advocated RC to some of my friends, and when inquiring about their progress I learned that a significant part of them had backed away without even installing it. When asking why, they told me it was due to this paragraph on the frontpage of the website: "RoundCube Webmail is written in PHP and requires the MySQL database."

There are actually quite a few people out here (I'm one of them) that do not want MySQL on our boxes. The reasons for this is a completely different discussion, but maybe a change of the frontpage text to say "... either a MySQL, PostgreSQL or SQLite database" (or maybe just "requires a SQL database" now that even MSSQL seems to be supported) would avoid this issue. The exact wording is irrelevant, the point is that as it stands now, it clearly says that MySQL is required, which is simply not true.

Currently, as it stands right now, in the state of development it is in, mySQL is *required* for greatest compatability. I'm not saying you're wrong, just that Postgre, MSSQL, sqlite, or any other SQL server isn't completely supported. The only reason we have limited support on other systems is that people have ported them.

Yes, the wording should change, but right now, mySQL is the most compatible one, and I believe for that reason, should be the one we try to urge people to use (although not required).

Are you saying that there are functions in RC that *requires* MySQL?
Ive tracked the latest from cvs and later svn but Im relying on SQLite and PostgreSQL for my database needs. I have experienced some problems, but thats expected when you track the bleeding edge, so I have not put to much effort into tracking them down. If what you say is true, I could be experiencing these problems due to me not using MySQL?

Is there currently anything MySQL specific in RC? If so, I will start working right away on patches to get the same functionality from other databases. I'd hate to see a awesome project like RC run on MySQL only.

I'm not sure if there is some mySQL exclusive feautres or not. I do know, that the original developer wanted to use mySQL (for good reason) and only through folks like yourself did he get Postgre, SQLite and even MSSQL up and running.

You'd have to sort through the code to see if there is any mySQL specific queries, but I don't think there are. I think certain SQL statements may work better in mySQL, but I could be wrong.

I don't want to be a pain in the ass regarding this issue, but just out of curiosity, could you name a few of the "good reasons" the original developer wanted MySQL?

I may come off as a bit of a fanatic, I admit that, but I honestly cant see any reason to chose MySQL over say SQLite or Postgre. Hmm, except maybe MySQL being widely used, I agree that that could be considered an advantage.

Just to make it clear, I totally agree that RC should support MySQL, it is after all one if not the most commonly used database, I just don't like the idea of *only* supporting MySQL since a lot of people dislike My enough to simply stay away from anything requiring it.


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