Author Topic: Change address auto-fill parameters?  (Read 2407 times)

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Change address auto-fill parameters?
« on: September 30, 2009, 07:35:12 PM »
Is there any way to specify how the address autofill does its match? Unlike other clients we have in use, RC's autofill searches the entire string for a pattern match, which leads to user confusion.

For example, one of my users has addressbook entries to send messages to our ticket-tracking system. One of these entries is 'comment' and the other is 'resolve'. When she enters 're' for 'resolve' she gets a huge list, including oddities such as "Jimmy Moore". Trying to use the 'comment' entry is worse as it returns every address in her book that ends in '.com'.

Most other clients we have experience with search from the beginning of the string, and that's how we'd prefer that RC behave as well. Would this be something that could be adjusted in the code locally? Or would it require more work than that?
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