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Save on Error
« on: September 11, 2006, 11:00:55 AM »
Hi chaps

I've had a couple of infuriating instances today whereby mail has not ben sent for one reason or another using roundcube - twice I've obviously overlooked an error message and it's not sent my email and I've gone to my inbox and lost those messages.

Also, I've had one session expiry which has caused me to lose a long email as well.

I'll admit in both cases this is my own fault - in the first instance for not notcing error messages and in the second for writing an email that was so long my session times out, but I would like to see an option so that if there's an error or a session expires when you hit the send button, it saves a draft so you don't lose reams of text into the void.

I think this would be a very welcome addition for anyone who's made similar mistakes and lost mail this way and it would definitely improve Roundcube in my mind.

Whaddya think? ;)