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Multiple selections in address book

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Multiple selections (CTRL or SHIFT clicking in the address book does not behave correctly.

[*]Go to address book
[*]Click an entry
[*]CTRL-Click a second and the first loses its highlight

This has been an issue for a while and I'm definitely using the latest SVN (I check every morning). Can anyone confirm that it happens in their install? I have the same issue in Flosoft's demo.

Any ideas? :-\

hmm ... I just saw. Same problem with Opera 9

This is still an issue in the latest SVN release... Is there any word on when you might have a fix for this? It's been mentioned in a few posts, and I can't locate the cause. :-\

I suppose it is a CSS problem.

SVN 285 - still an issue... :'( I've tried sussing this out and have not had any luck.


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