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0.4-beta + hmailserver
« on: May 21, 2010, 09:22:07 AM »

first i wanna say thanks for the great web client mail :)

So i have the following issue:

i have hmailserver 5.3.2, with 0.3.1-stable everything works ok except the HUGE memory needed to send larger attachments , so i decided to try 0.4-beta.But now i have a new issue, when i sending email with big attachments lets say 10MB, the email is send OK and the recipients get it OK too, but when roundcube try to save email into the "Sent" folder  gets a IMAP error "BYE Excessive amount of data sent to server".I search the documentation of the hmailserver and i found this here you can see what that means.The interesting part is that i am getting this error when i try to send the email from roundcube installed on Linux machine.I have on my local computer install XAMPP and i am running windows Vista, when sending email from there roundcube save the massage OK. Any ideas ?

So what is the difference between the Linux system and windows system, maybe the new line for the both system is different some how ?

Thanks for the help in advance.