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Hi there,

I encounter a little problem with the last stable version of Roundcube:
It seems to be impossible to display received images, especially JPEG ones.
Opening the mail under another webmail or Outlook give a good result: the image is well displayed.

So here is a description of the problem:
Clicking on an attached JPG will give this message:
Downloading the image won't help, because Windows (for example) can't read it: the preview system seems to be corrupted.
Opening the image in Photoshop will work, as it's not opening the preview only...

Could you help me?

Thanks ;)

Its working for me in the SVN, is there anything in your error log?

Nothing relative to this.
Are received images stocked in the upload temp dir?

Shouldn't be, I recommend upgrading the SVN to see if you stlll have the problem.

I have the last version...
Don't know what to do.
I want to verify files directly on the server. So could kyou give the default path for received temp files? Or is it the same than the uploaded temp files?



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