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Change One Icon and Login Page?

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I don't want to remove all the Roundcube icons, as it's their software, and a rather nice piece of kit it is, too.

However, the organisation where I've installed this is a Jewish school, and we want..

i) The Star of David on the login page, where the roundcube icon is
ii) a 'legal warning' not to try to connect if you're not authorised

Can someone tell me where those parameters can be changed?


The login page template file is skins/default/templates/login.html. Your best bet is to copy all of the skin files:

$ cp -R skins/default skins/mydefault

and then edit skins/mydefault/templates/login.html to use a different icon and add the text you want. That way, when you upgrade to the new version, you won't lose your customizations...



It works. Thanks!  ;)


That's exactly what I was looking to do but somehow it failed. I must be missing something really obvious.

All I want to do is to simply brand the site in our company theme. Change the logo, favicon and a couple of other files.

1. cp -R skins/default skins/companyname

2. chmod -R 777 skins/companyname

3. with a graphics package edit the following files in skins/companyname/images
   - favicon.ico
   - roundcube_logo.gif
   - roundcube_logo.png
   - roundcube_logo_print
   - rcube_watermark.png

4. edit the file config/ as follows:
   // relative path to the skin folder
   // $rcmail_config['skin_path'] = 'skins/default/';
   $rcmail_config['skin_path'] = 'skins/companyname/';

Looks pretty simple to me, could not possibly go wrong. However, I get the following error in the browser
   "Service currently not available!" then "Error No. 1f4)"

The error log file logs/errors reports
"PHP Error: Error loading template for 'login' in /srv/www/vhosts/webmail/program/include/ on line 1110"


I looked at the script but could not see an obvious problem.


Next I removed the new skin directory completely and leaving just skins/default

I then ran the same copy again
  cp -R skins/default skins/companyname
  chmod -R 777 skins/companyname

and changed config/ as follows:
   // relative path to the skin folder
   // $rcmail_config['skin_path'] = 'skins/default/';
   $rcmail_config['skin_path'] = 'skins/companyname/';

but this time I did not change any skin image files whatsoever. To my surprise, I still get the error! Both the directories skins/default and skins/companyname are identical and both have full permissions.

this can't be that difficult, there must be something obvious, but can I find it?

What revision are you using?

I don't see this issue. Unfortunately, it would seem that your Database DSN is wrong. That error is typically a database error.


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