Author Topic: Problem displaying with messages with embedded HTML  (Read 11402 times)

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Problem displaying with messages with embedded HTML
« on: July 20, 2010, 12:19:09 PM »
Greetings, all.

I actually don't think this is strictly a Roundcube issue, but I'm hoping someone may be able to shed some light on it.

I have two identical SVN r3788 instances, one will display messages with embedded HTML (no separate HTML attachment), but the other will not. In the one that fails, the source shows all images, P tags, Table tags, etc. are loaded, but no message text.

The only differences between these two instances are the servers running them. The one that works is a Fedora Core 10 virtual machine, Apache with PHP 5.2.9. The one that fails is RHEL5-5 running PHP 5.2.13. The php.ini are essentially identical, and all of the same PHP modules appear to be installed on both systems.

Any ideas? Since the RHEL box is our production server, I would prefer to get that instance working properly.
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