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Address Book
« on: September 14, 2010, 02:30:36 PM »
I don't know if this is a bug or feature. I just installed the current stable version[0.4]. I don't have any Group added in the address book so far. I just added a new contact. But I can't see it. Than I had a look in the database(mysql) and the contact stored in the contacts table.
So why I can't see it under 'Personal Addresses'?
I just switched on the sql log and this is the output, if I switch to the address book:

[14-Sep-2010 20:19:28 +0200]: query(1): SET NAMES 'utf8'
[14-Sep-2010 20:19:28 +0200]: query(1): SELECT vars, ip, UNIX_TIMESTAMP(changed) AS changed FROM session WHERE sess_id = '1d8dad82e0b08f3d84ad920c334e8b77'
[14-Sep-2010 20:19:28 +0200]: query(1): SELECT * FROM users WHERE user_id = '1'
[14-Sep-2010 20:19:28 +0200]: query(1): SELECT * FROM contactgroups WHERE del<>1 AND user_id='1' ORDER BY name
[14-Sep-2010 20:19:28 +0200]: query(1): UPDATE session SET vars = a long list of settings

What I can see, the contacts table is never queried.
So I ask me, if I have to create a Goup first compared to previous versions where this feature was not availible.