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Greek email characters ok in all clients except Round Cube


Hello, I use RC (latest ver. 0.4.2) hosted on and I love everything about it except this issue with Greek characters.

Characters that are generated mostly by applications like ZenCart (UTF-8) cannot be viewed in RC although I can view them in every other webmail client, including hotmail.

The thing is that I have tried all settings in message view preferences (UTF-8, 1253, ISO) but none of them will work. I have also tried them in combination with different browser encodings but they always display garbage text.

I don't know if this is a bug or an issue that needs fine tuning but I would apreciate any help and I repeat that the same messages are displayed ok in every other email client and only in RC it's not ok.

Show message source, please.


Original message source would be better (with headers).


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