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Win 2003, PHP, and RoundCube
« on: October 28, 2006, 02:07:23 AM »
Here are a couple of things that helped me install RoundCube on a Win2003 Server with PHP 5.x:

1) PHP may or may not be able to run on any given website you have set up in IIS. If you're getting a 404 error, or a blank page, you may need to check that PHP is set up properly on the server, AND for the domain under which you're installing RoundCube. For me, this meant looking at the domain's properties and adding a "PHP" ISAPI extension to the domain (Home Directory -> Configuration -> Add ...). I had it set up nicely for another domain, but for some reason it didn't carry over to the one I wanted to use for RoundCube. You'll do well to consult a PHP setup tutorial that a Google search will turn up.

2) Case matters to RoundCube sometimes, and you may want to pay attention to it. RoundCube has a series of default folders -- Trash, Sent, etc. -- that it'll create if they don't exist. In my case, these default folders already existed, and so weren't overwritten. However, the existing folder names differed in case. I had "trash" not "Trash", "sent" not "Sent". If you're having problems trashing messages, emptying the trash, or you're getting an error that you can't move sent items to the sent folder, make sure the names in the config file are identical in every respect. I changed "Trash" to "trash" (et al) in the config file, and it's working fine.

3) Identities: You'll not be able to send email unless you create an Identity in Personal Settings -> Identities. If you're coming from an Outlook, Thunderbird, or Apple Mail IMAP experience -- as I am -- this will perhaps be a new concept.